Are You Our Next Trail Angel?

Yes, there are angels. And we are looking for a special breed – Trail Angels. Trail Angels (TA) are people who go out of their ways to make life a little better for hikers. You?

Trail Angels can be improvised one-offs (i.e. someone giving a hiker a lift into town) or well-established names in the thru-hiking community (someone who opens their home year after year to accept hiker resupply packages, provide a safe place to sleep and recharge). We are looking for both. A TA along The Swedish Trail will be recognized as a Sponsor, and will get our TA Info Pack so that passing hikers can find you.

Trail Angels are often hikers themselves and understand what weeks or months on the trail will do to a person. Anyone can be a Trail Angel – regardless of backpacking experience (and you don’t have to call yourself a Trail Angel to be considered one).

Trail Angels do not charge for their “services”. Anyone selling food, drinks, or supplies along the trail may be a welcomed sight to a hiker, but they are not to be considered a TA.

That said, if you have the means, you should absolutely be offering donations to Trail Angels. They will likely be refused, but if someone is going above and beyond for the trail community, they deserve some support.

Some TAs maintain caches of food and drinks along the trail whereas others will accept hiker resupply packages, offer rides to/from town, or even put up hikers in their homes.

For more information, please mail us: info (at)