Facts About The Trail

Trail length: 2 643,3 km.

Local municipalities (kommuner): 44 out of 290.

Number of regions: 10 out of 21.

National Parks: 11. They are Abisko, Garphyttan, Pieljekaise, Sarek, Dalby Söderskog, Töfsingdalen, Padjelanta, Tiveden, Fulufjället, Stora Sjöfallet. Some you will pass through, and some you’ll just skirt along.
Read more about Rules and Safety in our National Parks here.
Perhaps you want to read more about the Mountain Security Council? Here it is.

Weather and forecasts: The special conditions that exist in the mountains can make the weather erratic and unpredictable. Check it out here.

Local trails you will follow or pass

#1: Skåneleden Trail North to South SL2

#2: Hallandsleden

#3: Gislavedsleden

#4: Västra Vätterleden

#5: Bergslagsleden

#6: Romboleden

#7: Siljansleden

#8: Vasaloppsleden

#9: Södra Kungsleden (PDF)

Photo Benny Borgh