The Trail

Here you have the Via Suecia Trail.

The Trail is verified by us – we have walked every inch of it.

Good -to -know-stuff

This edition (29.4.2021) covers the trail from Smygehuk to Abisko.
We are looking into ways to reach Treriksröset within the borders of Sweden.

The Trail is divided into 24 sections, each section is a map.
You can section-hike or thru-hike.
The maps can be downloaded.

We also made a Google Maps trail list for you (here). We call it the Hiker Pass List.
We will tell you why soon. The waypoints correspond to the sections.
Direction: NOBO.

The Sections

The sections are around 100 km with some exceptions.
Please register here so we know that you are going.

#1: Smygehuk – Ljungbyhed (101,2 km)

#2: Ljungbyhed to Mästocka (101,4 km)

#3: Mästocka to Mjöhult (100,1 km)

#4: Mjöhult to Bottnaryd (102,5 km)

#5: Bottnaryd to Grönsik (100,3 km)

#6: Grönsik to Ramundeboda (110 km)

#7: Ramundeboda to Ramshyttan (102,1 km)

#8: Ramshyttan to Grängesberg (110,8 km)

#9: Grängesberg to Almo (115 km)

#10: Almo to Evertsberg (99,5 km)

#11: Evertsberg to Lilldalsstugan (96,5 km)

#12: Lilldalsstugan to Flötningen (98 km)

#13: Flötningen to Hamra (117,8 km)

#14: Hamra to Fångåmon (112,6 km)

#15: Fångåmon to Grimsåvallen (104,8 km)

#16: Grimsåvallen to Valsjöbyn (93,7 km)

#17: Valsjöbyn to Väktarmon (100,3 km)

#18: Väktarmon to Åtnikstugan (Åtnik hut) (109,2 km)

#19: Åtnikstugan (Åtnik hut) to Stabre shelter (101.8 km)

#20: Stabre shelter to Sjnulttjie shelter (102,1 km)

#21: Sjnulttjie shelter to Kvikkjokk (124,2 km)

#22: Kvikkjokk to Låddejåhkå (99,3 km)

#23: Låddejåhka to Nallo cabin (134,3 km)

#24: Nallo cabin to Abisko (56,7 km)

Total distance Smygehuk – Abisko: 2494,2 km