The Trail – 2 643,3 km

The Trail goes from Smygehuk to Treriksröset or vice versa.

The Trail is divided into 27 sections, each section is a map, see below.
The maps can be downloaded. You can section-hike, do a 50/50 or thru-hike.

The Sections
The sections are around 100 km with some exceptions.

Food & camping gas
There is no need to send packages before you go unles you need special food/diet etc. The cost of sending will be much higher than buying along the way plus you support the local shops. Besides, and from my own experience, you must take in consideration the waste of time it will take to fetch packages/wait for people to get it for you. Some places will even charge you for handling it.

Besides #2: even when you sat at home and counted on what you eventually would need it´s not sure that will be the case once you end up in the mountains.

There will be “real” shops along the way – exept between Kvikkjokk and Abisko. From Kvikkjokk Via Suecia follows the Padjelanta Trail where there are STF and BDL (Badjelannda Laponia Turism) huts along the way. You can buy food in these huts and thus support these organisations. Please remember to bring cash.

Please register here so we know that you are going.

#1: Smygehuk – Ljungbyhed (101,2 km)

#2: Ljungbyhed to Mästocka (101,4 km)

#3: Mästocka to Mjöhult (100,1 km)

#4: Mjöhult to Bottnaryd (102,5 km)

#5: Bottnaryd to Grönsik (100,3 km)

#6: Grönsik to Ramundeboda (110 km)

#7: Ramundeboda to Ramshyttan (102,1 km)

#8: Ramshyttan to Grängesberg (110,8 km)

#9: Grängesberg to Almo (115 km)

#10: Almo to Evertsberg (99,5 km)

#11: Evertsberg to Lilldalsstugan (96,5 km)

#12: Lilldalsstugan to Flötningen (98 km)

#13: Flötningen to Hamra (117,8 km)

#14: Hamra to Fångåmon (112,6 km)

#15: Fångåmon to Grimsåvallen (104,8 km)

#16: Grimsåvallen to Valsjöbyn (93,7 km)

#17: Valsjöbyn to Väktarmon (100,3 km)

#18: Väktarmon to Åtnikstugan (Åtnik hut) (109,2 km)

#19: Åtnikstugan (Åtnik hut) to Skälvattnet (78,9 km)

#20: Skälvattnet to Hemavan (28,4 km)

#21: Hemavan to Ammarnäs (79,4 km)

#22: Ammarnäs to Jäkkvik (57 km)

#23: Jäkkvik to Kvikkjokk (81,4 km)

#24: Kvikkjokk to Låddejåhkå (99,3 km)

#25: Låddejåhka to Sälka (98,6 km)

#26: Sälka to Abisko (58,5 km)

#27: Abisko to Treriksröset (The Swedish way – no boat) (203,7 km)

Total distance Smygehuk – Treriksröset: 2643,3 km