Expectations For Hikers

The expectations for hikers who want to be officially recognized as a thru- or section hiker.

Recognition Policy

  • Definition: a thru-hike as a hike of the entire trail in 12 months or less.
  • The method of travel is on foot.
  • You have to be a member.
  • You are expected to treat the natural environment, trail communities, other hikers, and partners –whose land the trail passes through –with kindness, respect and cooperation.
  • The Trail operate on the honor system. When you tell that you’ve completed the trail, we’re happy to recognize your achievement.
  • The Trail gives equal recognition to thru-hikers and section hikers.
  • The Trail recognizes hikers regardless of sequence, direction or speed.

We’d be honored to send you a certificate to recognize your accomplishment (it’s free).
Mail us: info (at) viasuecia.com.