What We Do

Our mission

The idea of a national trail was born after thruhiking Sweden and several other countries. We want to be the entity and protector of the trail and do this through members and volunteers who gives their time to keep the trail open and help inform hikers.

We are there for you

We aim at being the one support on the trail for you. We are the only trail organization that support our hikers while on the trail. Awesome!

Support means giving our members advice, keeping in contact, cheering up, helping with food, trail magic, washing, shelter and such. We are also the only one meeting you when you finish. That’s totally cool, aint it?

It does not matter if you are a pro or a newbie – the trail is for everyone. 

SNSL believes that the outdoors should be a place of healing and enjoyment for all. Our mission is to ‘empowering all to enjoy, share, and preserve the hiking experience’

Our goal – The Swedish Trail

The physical trail is just the means for us. We know that trails change with the times. The most important goal is to support hiking communities and hikers along The Trail.

To create a culture round it. To invite peeps to learn and try, to educate about all the aspects involving hiking and being a good, responsible hiker. To support a secure hiking experience in a variety of ways.

Our promise

We resolve, every day, to re-commit to doing what we can to protect, manage, and advocate for the The Swedish Trail – Via Suecia.


We will reach our goal through connecting a system of local trails from the southernmost part of Sweden in Smygehuk to the northernmost in Abisko (or Treriksröset, if you choose).

We believe in a strong digital social media presence. An informative website, an app and forum where you can meet other hikers, post your pics and tell your stories. A community for hikers by hikers.

We believe in being ON the trail together with you guys through our Trail Runner-guides.

We believe in supporting locals and businesses close to the Trail to become Trail Angels.

We believe that through volunteers, members, sponsors and donors, corporate givings, gifts of stocks, planned gifts and other ways we will have the financial muscles needed.

We believe in having Trail Days where people, organizations and businesses in the hiking community meet for a few days along The Trail and have fun, share experiences, show products and support our goals.

Another goal is to optimize The Trail for long distance hiking. To give hikers access to food stores every 2 to 3 days in general, with a few parts 4 to 6 days.

(If you go NOBO and aim for Treriksröset you’ll find the last part involves carrying supplies for several days depending on speed and experience.)


Because we are hikers ourselves. And Sweden deserves a National Trail.

Because we want to show our beautiful country to y’all. 

Because it’s good for you. Hiking is proven to have many health benefits, ranging from physical exercise you get when out on the trail, to emotional or mental relief that comes from being in nature. 

Because it will be good for the environment to manage the hiking community.

Because it’s fun! You’ll meet many interesting people and make new friends. Some maybe for life.

Because it will be a challenge. Yes, there will be some road walking. There will be dirt- and service roads. There will be trails and paths. There will be up- and downhill. There will be fording. There will be sunshine and rain. And snow. Juste embrace the suck and have fun!

Because we have wonderful nature. There will be reindeer. And a lot more. 

 Because “The mountains are calling and I must go.

Because it will change your life. Simple as that. 

Because we have The Right of Public Access. In Sweden nature is always nearby. And thanks to the Right of Public Access (Allemansrätten) anyone is entitled to roam freely, camp and forage in Swedish nature. You need to know about this, ok?

When? Now!

The trail is ready for you to hike now. Blazing it will take time. We are working on it big time now.

Time is of no importance to us. You have the watches – we have the time.

Later on there will be an app (2022) that you can use off-line to navigate, get up-to-date info and so on. In the meanwhile, here are a few good sites you might want to check out:

– Fjällkartan
– Different maps 


Volunteers will be the heart and soul of The Swedish Trail. There will be many opportunities for you to give back to the trail. As a volunteer you will be active in all aspects of trail-related work, from maintenance of the footpath and its facilities to greeting guests at the trail visitor centers that we plan.


We rely on the generosity of sponsors and donors to help us fulfil our mission and vision of creating and maintaining the trail. Prefer to be a sponsor or make a donation? Please email us for more instructions @ info (at) viasuecia.com. 

IBAN: SE88 8000 0819 1901 4132 8625
Bankgiro: 5777-4378
Swish: 123 135 88 60
Please check that your payment went through. Thank you.

Become a new member

At this early point there will only be hard work. Your support is critical. Please email us for more instructions at info (at) viasuecia.com. Thank you!

Clubs & Partners

To maintain the trail we will need many TMC:s (Trail Maintaining Clubs). They will be responsible for most of the day-to-day work of keeping the trail open. 

In addition to trail maintenance, club volunteers will build and repair shelters and other structures, monitor and protect the trail, monitor and manage rare plants and invasive species, develop management plans for their sections, and much, much more.



You can reach The Board here: board (at) viasuecia.com.