Trail Magic

Connecting people to nature

Trail Magic is an act of goodwill you can perform or a remarkable moment that you might experience on the Trail.

Trail Magic has multiple meanings and it is one of the truly wonderful aspects of the Trail experience.

The trail provides

The original meaning refers to the magical moments that happen on the trail.

These are the serendipitous moments or almost mystical happenings. It’s the experiences that are almost too hard to believe. Trail Magic often happens naturally – it’s not structured or planned. It’s strongly related to the trail truism, “The trail provides.” It can be a moment of extreme beauty, feelings of connectedness or a remarkable wildlife experience that becomes trail magic when a hiker really needs it to continue.

It’s Trail Magic when you run into a childhood friend you haven’t seen in years. You’re offered a job around the campfire. You meet the love of your life at mile 842. You have hikers rash and find the right balm for it in the hiker box. That’s all trail magic.