Via Suecia/Winter

Did you know that the only official and longest winter trail is Via Suecia/Winter?
Thats right! It starts at the trailhead at the Southern Kungsleden near to Högfjällshotellet in Sälen and goes all the way to Treriksröset. Just follow Via Suecia and adapt to the winter markings and you’ll have a wonderful experience. Happy trails!

Need a ride from Malmö to Smygehuk?

Guys, great news!
Just heard from Peter B, who is a well known thruhiker living in Malmö, that he can help with your transport to the trailhead in Smygehuk.
Peter, a Tripelcrowner, knows how important it is to have a good start on a long hike. Just reach out to me and I’ll connect you. Just awesome! Thanks, Peter.

Support local shops!

Food & camping gas
There is no need to send packages before you go unles you need special food/diet etc. The cost of sending will be much higher than buying along the way plus you support the local shops.

Besides, and from my own experience, you must take in consideration the waste of time it will take to fetch packages/wait for people to get it for you. Some places will even charge you for handling it.

Besides #2: even when you sat at home and counted on what you eventually would need it´s not sure that will be the case once you end up in the mountains.

There will be “real” shops along the way – exept between Kvikkjokk and Abisko and Abisko – Treriksröset. From Kvikkjokk Via Suecia follows the Padjelanta Trail where there are STF and BDL (Badjelannda Laponia Turism) huts along the way. You can buy food in these huts and thus support these organisations. Please remember to bring cash.

Trailsupport is back!

Guys, last year meant rooting for Ukraine. I still do, but this year I will be able to have the trailsupport back up and running. Please use the telephonenumber for support, or emal.

No task is too small or silly. So if you need advice, have gear sent to you etc. just hit me.
Happy trails!

Telephone card in Sweden?

If you are visiting Sweden from abroad, having a good telephone connection is essential while on trail. The best cover, even in the *mountains, is by far Telia. You can buy a prepaid “cash card” and refill it if and when you need. This means you’ll also get a new number.

If you need any help, whatsover, don’t hesitate to get in touch: info (at)

*Nota bene: there might be places far up in the North where the reception will be bad or even non-existing. Being proactive with your phone can help.

Merry Xmas & A Happy New Year!

Dear fellow hikers! I hope you had a wonderful 2023 full of new experiences and friendships.

As for 2024, there will be some minor changes due to new landowners not in favour of having a trail on their land and also some huts in the mountains that will be closed or with limited access (STF).

With that said, enjoy the holidays and see you in 2024!

Via Suecia will be free of charge

Thanks to an external sponsor, there will be no charge for hiking the Via Suecia from January 1st 2023. At the same time, the Trail Pass and stamps will be scrapped. The support function will be cancelled at the same time in favour of support to Ukraina.
Happy trails!