Conzi finished Via Suecia

Constantin Hauzeneder hiked the trail last year, but due to the pandemic was forced to stop in Abisko. This year he came back to finish it. He reached Treriksröset in good order and kept on hiking to Nordkap which he reached on the 10th of September. Congrats!

Conzi at Treriksröset 2022

Great season!

At last, the authorities gave a green light to start socializing again after the pandemic was declared over (sort of). So many of us had waited for this! There have been even more hikers trying on the longest trail in Sweden than before, both paying thru-hikers and section hikers and a few hiking for themselves.

The Trail was revisited by the founder at the beginning of the year, and there will be some minor changes later. A film shoving the complete trail is under construction and is planned to be released in the spring of 2023 on the YouTube channel. Happy trails!


When you need to resupply in Grövelsjön, there is this family run store/shop called Fjällbua. It’s run by Pelle och Haydie Andersson. We just got news that they store camping gas if you need to buy that.

Pelle and Haydie runs the Fjällbua in Grövelsjön.

New Year! 2022 is starting great…

There are many showing interest in hiking Via Suecia, both as a thru-hike and in sections. Thats awesome! We are thrilled to be your best support ever on your journey.

The first beta-test of our coming app is done. We’ll look into the feedback and keep on making it even better. Launch date could be late March/early May.

The first out hiking Via Suecia is starting January 14th. Posting will be on Facebook.

Remember – we are a non-profit member driven organisation. For hikers by hikers.

See you all on the trail!

The Via Suecia App

We are happy to announce that the work on our hiking app is so far that we asked some of our friends to beta test it right now. It will be a smartphone application much in the spirit of the Guthook Guides. We work to include a set of tools needed for thru-hiking—a map, guidebook (eventually) and water reports. It will function off-line and crowdsource updated information about trail conditions, trail angels and campsites when online. We hope to have it ready in early 2022. 

Swish, IBAN & BIC!

We are happy to announce that finally we have got a bank account. Paying your membership, support or merchandise is now easy-peasy!

Our Swish numer is 123 135 88 60.
Our IBAN is SE88 8000 0819 1901 4132 8625 and the BIC is SWEDSESS.
Thank you for your support.

The 50/50 Challenge – only 600 SEK/year!

For only 600 SEK/year we will give you the best support ever in Swedish hiking! Because we want you to succeed. We will be by your side every step with advice on Trail Angels, food, gas and whatever you might need. By choosing a non-profit, member driven organization instead of a private company you also support a good cause. Facebook!

Kim! Love you, girl!