Government Policy

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the Government’s national environmental authority. They also handle the outdoor recreation policy adopted by the Government in December 2012.

This is the starting point for the ten objectives of the outdoor recreation policy.

The overall objective of the Swedish outdoor recreation policy is to promote opportunities to be outdoors in nature and to enjoy outdoor recreation, where the Right of Public Access is fundamental. 

Access to nature, the interest of individuals and the commitment of civil society organisations are important conditions for people to participate in outdoor recreation. 

Value of outdoor recreation

Outdoor recreation generates social, economic and environmental value. Aside from improving public health, outdoor recreation also stimulates tourism and thus job creation. It stimulates local and regional development, and contributes to improved knowledge and understanding of nature. 

That said, it means that a national scenic trail will be of outmost importance to reach the ten goals the Government have adopted back in 2012. 

Local initiative about trails

There is a local, three year (2019-2022) initiative funded by tax money trying to create some sort of “non-compulsory national framework for trails”. Their main objective is “….to increase the proportion of international guest nights in Sweden and thereby increase sales and employment in the hospitality industry’s companies.

In their work we are happy to see “When several trails run in parallel, the marking for a long hiking trail should be at the top. Other joints should be distinguished, for example, by name, number or other color. Remember to take different types of color blindness into account when choosing a color and feel free to use a joint name or logo to create contrasts.

We love to be on top of things. Hike on!