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FYI: we have applied for a company registration number with the Swedish Tax Agency. Until we get that, we cannot accept any payments. So stay cool. Everything will be fine.

Terminus – The Hands-On Monument

The Swedish Trail™ is being recognized more and more in the hiking community. That’s great! We just got some help from our friends at the Pacific Crest Trail Association, USA, regarding our Terminus (the monuments at the start and/or finishing points).

Every thru-hiker knows the feeling when you start or finish your hike by placing your hands on the monument.

Did you know they are made from wood?

Trail Angel List

To help our hikers on their way, we have created a Trail Angel List page on Facebook. This is where Trail Angels and hikers can meet.

The list is a place for those of us who aren’t on the trail to offer our help and support to those on the trail and a place for hikers to connect with angels.

Can you offer a ride into town?
Are you keeping a water drop stocked?
Do you have a shower a hiker could use?
What kind of trail magic can you supply?

Hikers, what can we help you with?

Post it here!

Board Meetings and Identity Statement

Board Meetings: May 23rd and June 20th , when the Agenda for the 2021 Autumn will be set.

Important information

The Board wishes to convey the following Identity Statement that articulates our values, describes the culture we strive to create, governs our behavior, explains how we make decisions, and clarifies our commitments.

Our Identity Statement encompasses who we are as an organization and how we do our work. SNSL is an independent, unaffiliated non-profit organization. SNSL is non-political and non-religious.

Our mission is to create, protect, manage, and advocate for the Swedish National Scenic Trail – Via Suecia™ and hikers in the hiking community.

We are funded solely by our members, donors and gifts. We work totally voluntarily. No-one gets paid. We do it because it’s our passion. We want a National Trail, and no-one else is going to do that for us.

We are happy to cooperate with a vast network of partners, from the agencies and clubs to individuals, organizations, and communities that support our mission and work.

Our connections are underscored by integrity, inclusiveness, and dedication and result in mutual empowerment.

This means, to be clear so no one can misunderstand, that we take full responsibility about the work regarding the National Trail. We fund it, we blaze it and we maintain it. We don’t ask any entity, private or otherwise, to do that for us. Thus we anticipate to be treated professionally and with respect. Nothing more, nothing less.

We strive to manage and protect an experience on the Trail that is inclusive and meaningful.

We seek to achieve equity by continuous and direct engagement with a broad audience and by acknowledging a range of unique and personal Trail experiences.

We, in our organization, our culture, our work, and our connections are diverse, inclusive, and equitable.

The Board