News from our friends at ALD

The first Saturday in June we celebrate Alla Leders Dag (National Trails Day in the US). Join us! Speak up for your local trail! It can be a bike path, paddle path or, as here, a hiking trail – Bergslagsleden – for which we will be speaking up and celebrating this year.

The great thing about ALD is that everyone can create their own event to celebrate their local trail together with friends, associations or companies. Together we work for an equal and inclusive outdoor life – for everyone.

Read more at where you can also register your own ALD event and download the event guide which is full of tips on how to make a succesfull ALD event!
The concept originated at the American Hiking Society in the United States.

Welcome on June 5 at 10-14 at Ånnabodasjön, Örebro municipality!

ALD is an initiative of Sweden’s National Scenic Trail, SNSL, a NGO non-profit association. Its goal is to create a hiking trail between Smygehuk and Treriksröset.